Gay-Friendly Schools in The West - 2017 Ranking

In 2017, we have evaluated gay-friendly 61 schools offering majors in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Our team ranks Samuel Merritt University (Oakland, CA), Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA), and John F. Kennedy University (Pleasant Hill, CA) the best three gay-friendly schools in the West.

See the Best 50 Gay-Friendly schools in the West below or narrow your search by program, state, or city in the West.

Top 50 gay-friendly schools in the West:

Samuel Merritt University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
1. Samuel Merritt University

Oakland, CA, 8 majors

Art Center College of Design - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
2. Art Center College of Design

Pasadena, CA, 16 majors

John F. Kennedy University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
3. John F. Kennedy University

Pleasant Hill, CA, 15 majors

Coleman University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
4. Coleman University

San Diego, CA, 19 majors

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Prescott College - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
6. Prescott College

Prescott, AZ, 65 majors

Colorado Technical University Greenwood Village - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
San Francisco Conservatory of Music - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
8. San Francisco Conservatory of Music

San Francisco, CA, 25 majors

Otis College of Art and Design - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
9. Otis College of Art and Design

Los Angeles, CA, 9 majors

Alaska Pacific University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
10. Alaska Pacific University

Anchorage, AK, 28 majors

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Southwestern Law School - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
12. Southwestern Law School

Los Angeles, CA, 2 majors

Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
National College of Natural Medicine - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Pacific Oaks College - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
15. Pacific Oaks College

Pasadena, CA, 6 majors

Western State College of Law at Argosy University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
16. Western State College of Law

Fullerton, CA, 1 major

Heritage University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
17. Heritage University

Toppenish, WA, 58 majors

Roseman University of Health Sciences - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Bastyr University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
19. Bastyr University

Kenmore, WA, 16 majors

Argosy University San Francisco Bay Area - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Argosy University Phoenix - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
21. Argosy University Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ, 43 majors

Argosy University Denver - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
22. Argosy University Denver

Denver, CO, 35 majors

Pacifica Graduate Institute - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
23. Pacifica Graduate Institute

Carpinteria, CA, 4 majors

Antioch University Los Angeles - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
24. Antioch University Los Angeles

Culver City, CA, 7 majors

Keck Graduate Institute - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
25. Keck Graduate Institute

Claremont, CA, 4 majors

Antioch University Seattle - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
26. Antioch University Seattle

Seattle, WA, 7 majors

Phillips Graduate Institute - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
27. Phillips Graduate Institute

Chatsworth, CA, 9 majors

United States University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
28. United States University

Chula Vista, CA, 14 majors

Newschool of Architecture and Design - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Pacific States University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
30. Pacific States University

Los Angeles, CA, 6 majors

American Conservatory Theater - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
31. American Conservatory Theater

San Francisco, CA, 3 majors

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Marshall B Ketchum University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
33. Marshall B Ketchum University

Fullerton, CA, 2 majors

New York Film Academy - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
34. New York Film Academy

Burbank, CA, 14 majors

Woodbury University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
35. Woodbury University

Burbank, CA, 19 majors

Touro University California - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
36. Touro University California

Vallejo, CA, 12 majors

Argosy University Orange County - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Naropa University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
38. Naropa University

Boulder, CO, 28 majors

Touro University Nevada - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
39. Touro University Nevada

Henderson, NV, 8 majors

University of Arizona South - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
40. University of Arizona South

Sierra Vista, AZ, 15 majors

Argosy University Seattle - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
41. Argosy University Seattle

Seattle, WA, 28 majors

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Antioch University Santa Barbara - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
43. Antioch University Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA, 6 majors

Southwest University of Visual Arts Tucson - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
University of The West - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
45. University of the West

Rosemead, CA, 8 majors

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Bethesda University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
50. Bethesda University

Anaheim, CA, 8 majors

Gay-Friendly schools in the West by state:

Schools by State7 Gay-Friendly Schools in Arizona36 Gay-Friendly Schools in California5 Gay-Friendly Schools in ColoradoNo Gay-Friendly Schools in IdahoNo Gay-Friendly Schools in Montana2 Gay-Friendly Schools in Nevada1 Gay-Friendly Schools in New Mexico1 Gay-Friendly Schools in Oregon1 Gay-Friendly Schools in Utah5 Gay-Friendly Schools in WashingtonNo Gay-Friendly Schools in Wyoming

Gay-friendly programs in the West:

Accounting: 6 LGBT-friendly schools
Agriculture: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Architecture: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Arts: 15 LGBT-friendly schools
Biology: 7 LGBT-friendly schools
Business: 21 LGBT-friendly schools
Computer: 18 LGBT-friendly schools
Construction: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Dental: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Education: 22 LGBT-friendly schools
Engineering: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Environmental: 8 LGBT-friendly schools
Fashion: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Film: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Finance: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Geology: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Graphic Design: 8 LGBT-friendly schools
History: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Interior Design: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Journalism: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Foreign Languages: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Law: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Literature: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
Management: 21 LGBT-friendly schools
Marketing: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
Mathematics: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Mechanic: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Medical: 34 LGBT-friendly schools
Music: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
Nursing: 7 LGBT-friendly schools
Occupational Therapy: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
Performing Arts: 8 LGBT-friendly schools
Pharmacy: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Philosophy: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Police: 9 LGBT-friendly schools
Politics: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Psychology: 20 LGBT-friendly schools
Social Work: 9 LGBT-friendly schools
Sociology: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Sport: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Theatre: 7 LGBT-friendly schools

Gay-friendly schools in other regions:

Northeast: 44 LGBT-friendly schools
Midwest: 33 LGBT-friendly schools
South: 56 LGBT-friendly schools

Popular gay-friendly school cities in the West:

in Alaska:
Anchorage: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Arizona:
Peoria: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Phoenix: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Prescott: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Sierra Vista: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Tempe: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Tucson: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
in California:
Alameda: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Anaheim: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Berkeley: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Blue Lake: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Burbank: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Carpinteria: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Chatsworth: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Chula Vista: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Claremont: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Culver City: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Escondido: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Fullerton: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Los Angeles: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
Monterey: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Oakland: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Orange: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Pasadena: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Pleasant Hill: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Rohnert Park: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Rosemead: 1 LGBT-friendly school
San Diego: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
San Francisco: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Santa Barbara: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Santa Monica: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Vallejo: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Colorado:
Aurora: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Boulder: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Denver: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Lakewood: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Hawaii:
Honolulu: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
in Nevada:
Henderson: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
in New Mexico:
Santa Fe: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Oregon:
Portland: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Utah:
Provo: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Washington:
Kenmore: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Seattle: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
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