LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in The West - 2022 Ranking

In 2022, we have evaluated LGBTQ-friendly 72 schools offering majors in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Our team ranks Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science (Los Angeles, CA), San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and Marshall B Ketchum University (Fullerton, CA) the best three LGBTQ-friendly schools in the West.

See the Best 50 LGBTQ-Friendly schools in the West below or narrow your search by program, state, or city in the West.

Top 50 LGBTQ-friendly schools in the West:

Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
San Francisco Conservatory of Music - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
2. San Francisco Conservatory of Music

San Francisco, CA, 30 majors

Marshall B Ketchum University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
3. Marshall B Ketchum University

Fullerton, CA, 4 majors

Pacific Oaks College - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
4. Pacific Oaks College

Pasadena, CA, 8 majors

Santa Barbara Business College Bakersfield - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Samuel Merritt University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
6. Samuel Merritt University

Oakland, CA, 10 majors

Southwestern Law School - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
7. Southwestern Law School

Los Angeles, CA, 2 majors

University of Western States - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
8. University of Western States

Portland, OR, 6 majors

National University of Natural Medicine - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Art Center College of Design - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
10. Art Center College of Design

Pasadena, CA, 17 majors

California College of The Arts - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
11. California College of the Arts

San Francisco, CA, 28 majors

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Antioch University Los Angeles - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
13. Antioch University Los Angeles

Culver City, CA, 7 majors

Prescott College - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
14. Prescott College

Prescott, AZ, 40 majors

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
American Conservatory Theater - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
16. American Conservatory Theater

San Francisco, CA, 2 majors

Keck Graduate Institute - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
17. Keck Graduate Institute

Claremont, CA, 8 majors

Roseman University of Health Sciences - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Alliant International University San Diego - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
DigiPen Institute of Technology - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
City University of Seattle - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
22. City University of Seattle

Seattle, WA, 48 majors

Pacific College - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
23. Pacific College

Costa Mesa, CA, 7 majors

Alaska Pacific University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
24. Alaska Pacific University

Anchorage, AK, 22 majors

Heritage University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
25. Heritage University

Toppenish, WA, 64 majors

Pacifica Graduate Institute - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
26. Pacifica Graduate Institute

Carpinteria, CA, 4 majors

Southern California University of Health Sciences - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Otis College of Art and Design - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
28. Otis College of Art and Design

Los Angeles, CA, 9 majors

Newschool of Architecture and Design - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Sofia University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
30. Sofia University

Palo Alto, CA, 6 majors

Antioch University Seattle - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
31. Antioch University Seattle

Seattle, WA, 11 majors

San Francisco Art Institute - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
32. San Francisco Art Institute

San Francisco, CA, 12 majors

University of The West - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
33. University of the West

Rosemead, CA, 13 majors

Antioch University Santa Barbara - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
34. Antioch University Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA, 10 majors

Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Touro University Worldwide - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
36. Touro University Worldwide

Los Alamitos, CA, 15 majors

DeVry University Arizona - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
37. DeVry University Arizona

Phoenix, AZ, 32 majors

Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Pacific States University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
40. Pacific States University

Los Angeles, CA, 6 majors

Westcliff University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
41. Westcliff University

Irvine, CA, 8 majors

Touro University California - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
42. Touro University California

Vallejo, CA, 15 majors

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Empire College - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
44. Empire College

Santa Rosa, CA, 12 majors

Southwestern College Santa Fe - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
45. Southwestern College Santa Fe

Santa Fe, NM, 3 majors

New York Film Academy - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
46. New York Film Academy

Burbank, CA, 26 majors

Naropa University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
47. Naropa University

Boulder, CO, 20 majors

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College Berkeley - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Dongguk University Los Angeles - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
49. Dongguk University Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, 2 majors

West Coast University Center For Graduate Studies - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking

LGBTQ-Friendly schools in the West by state:

Schools by State4 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Arizona48 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in California4 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in ColoradoNo LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in IdahoNo LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Montana2 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Nevada2 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in New Mexico2 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Oregon1 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Utah6 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in WashingtonNo LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Wyoming

LGBTQ-friendly programs in the West:

Accounting: 10 LGBT-friendly schools
Aerospace: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Agriculture: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Architecture: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Arts: 15 LGBT-friendly schools
Biology: 7 LGBT-friendly schools
Business: 24 LGBT-friendly schools
Chemistry: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Computer: 20 LGBT-friendly schools
Construction: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Dental: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Education: 19 LGBT-friendly schools
Engineering: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
Environmental: 6 LGBT-friendly schools
Fashion: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Film: 6 LGBT-friendly schools
Finance: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
Graphic Design: 8 LGBT-friendly schools
History: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Interior Design: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Journalism: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Foreign Languages: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Law: 9 LGBT-friendly schools
Literature: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Management: 25 LGBT-friendly schools
Marketing: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Mathematics: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Mechanic: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Medical: 40 LGBT-friendly schools
Music: 6 LGBT-friendly schools
Nursing: 8 LGBT-friendly schools
Occupational Therapy: 7 LGBT-friendly schools
Performing Arts: 8 LGBT-friendly schools
Pharmacy: 6 LGBT-friendly schools
Philosophy: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Politics: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Psychology: 24 LGBT-friendly schools
Social Work: 6 LGBT-friendly schools
Sociology: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
Theatre: 7 LGBT-friendly schools

LGBTQ-friendly schools in other regions:

Northeast: 42 LGBT-friendly schools
Midwest: 33 LGBT-friendly schools
South: 53 LGBT-friendly schools

Popular LGBTQ-friendly school cities in the West:

in Alaska:
Anchorage: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Arizona:
Phoenix: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Prescott: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Tempe: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Tucson: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in California:
Aliso Viejo: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Bakersfield: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Berkeley: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Blue Lake: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Burbank: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Carpinteria: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Claremont: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Clovis: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Costa Mesa: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Culver City: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Fullerton: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Glendale: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Irvine: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Los Alamitos: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Los Angeles: 10 LGBT-friendly schools
Monterey: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Oakland: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Palo Alto: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Pasadena: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Penngrove: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Petaluma: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Rosemead: 1 LGBT-friendly school
San Diego: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
San Francisco: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Santa Barbara: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Santa Monica: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Santa Rosa: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Vallejo: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Whittier: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Colorado:
Boulder: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Denver: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Lakewood: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Parker: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Hawaii:
Honolulu: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
in Nevada:
Henderson: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
in New Mexico:
Santa Fe: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
in Oregon:
Portland: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
in Utah:
Provo: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Washington:
Redmond: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Seattle: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
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