Gay-Friendly Schools Offering Business Programs - 2018 Ranking

Our 2018 ranking review contains 61 LGBT schools offering business degree programs. Business programs are the most popular in California (11 schools), Florida (7 schools), and Virginia (5 schools).

The best business program in the United States is offered by New York University. That LGBT-friendly school has an excellent business program - five stars for curriculum and five stars for teaching as well.

The Top 50 LGBT-friendly business schools are below. To learn about all LGBT-friendly business schools, please narrow your search by state or degree. You might also want to look at the latest ranking of the top business schools in the United States.

Top 50 LGBT-friendly business schools:

New York University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
1. New York University

Located in New York City, New York

Molloy College - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
2. Molloy College

Located in Rockville Centre, New York

CUNY Graduate School and University Center - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
3. CUNY Graduate School and University Center

Located in New York City, New York

Argosy University Twin Cities - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
4. Argosy University Twin Cities

Located in Eagan, Minnesota

John F. Kennedy University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
5. John F. Kennedy University

Located in Pleasant Hill, California

Alaska Pacific University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
6. Alaska Pacific University

Located in Anchorage, Alaska

Chatham University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
7. Chatham University

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Antioch University New England - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
9. Antioch University New England

Located in Keene, New Hampshire

Coleman University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
10. Coleman University

Located in San Diego, California

Prescott College - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
11. Prescott College

Located in Prescott, Arizona

Metropolitan College of New York - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
12. Metropolitan College of New York

Located in New York City, New York

Thomas University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
13. Thomas University

Located in Thomasville, Georgia

Colorado Technical University Greenwood Village - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Union Institute & University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
15. Union Institute & University

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio

Argosy University Washington DC - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
16. Argosy University Washington DC

Located in Arlington, Virginia

Argosy University San Francisco Bay Area - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
17. Argosy University San Francisco Bay Area

Located in Alameda, California

Argosy University Denver - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
18. Argosy University Denver

Located in Denver, Colorado

Roseman University of Health Sciences - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
19. Roseman University of Health Sciences

Located in Henderson, Nevada

Argosy University Schaumburg - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
20. Argosy University Schaumburg

Located in Schaumburg, Illinois

Pacific States University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
21. Pacific States University

Located in Los Angeles, California

Texas A & M University Texarkana - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
22. Texas A & M University Texarkana

Located in Texarkana, Texas

Argosy University Chicago - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
23. Argosy University Chicago

Located in Chicago, Illinois

Hollins University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
24. Hollins University

Located in Roanoke, Virginia

Cedar Crest College - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
25. Cedar Crest College

Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Trine University Regional Non Traditional Es - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Parker University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
27. Parker University

Located in Dallas, Texas

Argosy University Atlanta - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
28. Argosy University Atlanta

Located in Atlanta, Georgia

Argosy University Tampa - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
29. Argosy University Tampa

Located in Tampa, Florida

Stephens College - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
30. Stephens College

Located in Columbia, Missouri

Argosy University Sarasota - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
31. Argosy University Sarasota

Located in Sarasota, Florida

Argosy University Nashville - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
32. Argosy University Nashville

Located in Nashville, Tennessee

Marlboro College Graduate & Professional Studies - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Antioch University Los Angeles - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
34. Antioch University Los Angeles

Located in Culver City, California

Argosy University Phoenix - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
35. Argosy University Phoenix

Located in Phoenix, Arizona

Heritage University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
36. Heritage University

Located in Toppenish, Washington

United States University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
37. United States University

Located in Chula Vista, California

American National University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
38. American National University

Located in Salem, Virginia

University of Phoenix Puerto Rico - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
39. University of Phoenix Puerto Rico

Located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Argosy University Orange County - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
40. Argosy University Orange County

Located in Orange, California

Northwood University Texas - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
41. Northwood University Texas

Located in Cedar Hill, Texas

Woodbury University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
42. Woodbury University

Located in Burbank, California

Milligan College - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
43. Milligan College

Located in Johnson City, Tennessee

University of Arizona South - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
44. University of Arizona South

Located in Sierra Vista, Arizona

Argosy University Seattle - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
45. Argosy University Seattle

Located in Seattle, Washington

South University Virginia Beach - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
46. South University Virginia Beach

Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia

University of The West - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
47. University of the West

Located in Rosemead, California

Schiller International University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
48. Schiller International University

Located in Largo, Florida

University of The Potomac Washington DC - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
49. University of the Potomac Washington DC

Located in Washington, District of Columbia

Antioch University Midwest - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
50. Antioch University Midwest

Located in Yellow Springs, Ohio

LGBT-friendly business schools by state:

Schools by StateNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Alabama4 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Arizona1 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Arkansas11 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in California2 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in ColoradoNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in ConnecticutNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Delaware7 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Florida3 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in GeorgiaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Idaho2 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Illinois2 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in IndianaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in IowaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in KansasNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in KentuckyNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in LouisianaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in MaineNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in MarylandNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in MassachusettsNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Michigan1 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in MinnesotaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Mississippi1 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in MissouriNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in MontanaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Nebraska1 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Nevada1 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in New HampshireNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in New JerseyNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in New Mexico4 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in New YorkNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in North CarolinaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in North Dakota2 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Ohio1 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in OklahomaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Oregon2 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in PennsylvaniaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Rhode IslandNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in South CarolinaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in South Dakota2 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Tennessee3 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in TexasNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Utah1 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Vermont5 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Virginia2 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Washington1 LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in District of ColumbiaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in West VirginiaNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in WisconsinNo LGBT-Friendly Business Schools in Wyoming

LGBT-friendly business schools by diploma:

Certificates: 20 LGBT-friendly schools
Associate's Degrees: 27 LGBT-friendly schools
Bachelor's Degrees: 56 LGBT-friendly schools
Master's Degrees: 52 LGBT-friendly schools
Doctoral Degrees: 17 LGBT-friendly schools

LGBT-friendly business schools by region:

Northeast: 8 LGBT-friendly schools
Midwest: 8 LGBT-friendly schools
South: 24 LGBT-friendly schools
West: 21 LGBT-friendly schools

Other gay-friendly programs:

Accounting: 21 LGBT-friendly schools
Agriculture: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Architecture: 9 LGBT-friendly schools
Arts: 42 LGBT-friendly schools
Biology: 35 LGBT-friendly schools
Chemistry: 16 LGBT-friendly schools
Computer: 54 LGBT-friendly schools
Construction: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Culinary: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Dance: 7 LGBT-friendly schools
Dental: 11 LGBT-friendly schools
Economics: 6 LGBT-friendly schools
Education: 71 LGBT-friendly schools
Engineering: 16 LGBT-friendly schools
Environmental: 23 LGBT-friendly schools
Fashion: 8 LGBT-friendly schools
Film: 13 LGBT-friendly schools
Finance: 12 LGBT-friendly schools
Geology: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Graphic Design: 21 LGBT-friendly schools
History: 12 LGBT-friendly schools
Hospitality: 6 LGBT-friendly schools
Interior Design: 12 LGBT-friendly schools
Journalism: 17 LGBT-friendly schools
Foreign Languages: 7 LGBT-friendly schools
Law: 23 LGBT-friendly schools
Literature: 17 LGBT-friendly schools
Management: 42 LGBT-friendly schools
Marketing: 25 LGBT-friendly schools
Massage: 9 LGBT-friendly schools
Mathematics: 11 LGBT-friendly schools
Mechanic: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Medical: 108 LGBT-friendly schools
Music: 23 LGBT-friendly schools
Nursing: 38 LGBT-friendly schools
Occupational Therapy: 28 LGBT-friendly schools
Performing Arts: 26 LGBT-friendly schools
Pharmacy: 18 LGBT-friendly schools
Philosophy: 18 LGBT-friendly schools
Physics: 13 LGBT-friendly schools
Police: 32 LGBT-friendly schools
Politics: 16 LGBT-friendly schools
Psychology: 61 LGBT-friendly schools
Social Work: 34 LGBT-friendly schools
Sociology: 16 LGBT-friendly schools
Sport: 8 LGBT-friendly schools
Theatre: 17 LGBT-friendly schools
Veterinary: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
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