LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in The Midwest - 2022 Ranking

Our 2022 ranking contains LGBTQ-friendly 33 schools offering majors in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin. team ranks Cleveland Institute of Music, University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis (Saint Louis, MO), and Bryan College of Health Sciences (Lincoln, NE) the best three LGBTQ-friendly schools in the Midwest.

See the Top 33 LGBTQ-Friendly schools in the Midwest below or narrow your search by program, state, or city in the Midwest.

Top 33 LGBTQ-friendly schools in the Midwest:

Cleveland Institute of Music - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
1. Cleveland Institute of Music

Cleveland, OH, 12 majors

University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Bryan College of Health Sciences - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Illinois College of Optometry - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
School of The Art Institute of Chicago - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Chicago State University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
6. Chicago State University

Chicago, IL, 61 majors

College For Creative Studies - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
7. College for Creative Studies

Detroit, MI, 12 majors

Baker College - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
8. Baker College

Owosso, MI, 90 majors

Adler Graduate School - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
9. Adler Graduate School

Minnetonka, MN, 8 majors

Northwood University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
10. Northwood University

Midland, MI, 38 majors

Union Institute & University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
11. Union Institute & University

Cincinnati, OH, 23 majors

Northwestern Health Sciences University - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Palmer College of Chiropractic - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Chicago - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Cleveland University Kansas City - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
15. Cleveland University Kansas City

Overland Park, KS, 6 majors

Trine University Regional Non Traditional Es - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Cranbrook Academy of Art - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
17. Cranbrook Academy of Art

Bloomfield Hills, MI, 9 majors

Methodist College - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
18. Methodist College

Peoria, IL, 9 majors

Erikson Institute - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
19. Erikson Institute

Chicago, IL, 3 majors

VanderCook College of Music - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
20. VanderCook College of Music

Chicago, IL, 2 majors

Institute For Clinical Social Work - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
National University of Health Sciences - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Art Academy of Cincinnati - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
24. Art Academy of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH, 8 majors

Midwest College of Oriental Medicine Evanston - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Antioch University Midwest - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
26. Antioch University Midwest

Yellow Springs, OH, 18 majors

DeVry University Missouri - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
27. DeVry University Missouri

Kansas City, MO, 28 majors

DeVry University Indiana - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
28. DeVry University Indiana

Merrillville, IN, 17 majors

Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Midwest College of Oriental Medicine Racine - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Wright Graduate University For The Realization of Human Potential - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking
Ponce Health Sciences University St Louis - LGBTQ-Friendly School Ranking

LGBTQ-Friendly schools in the Midwest by state:

Schools by State10 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Illinois3 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Indiana1 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Iowa1 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Kansas4 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Michigan3 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Minnesota3 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Missouri1 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in NebraskaNo LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in North Dakota4 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in OhioNo LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in South Dakota3 LGBTQ-Friendly Schools in Wisconsin

LGBTQ-friendly programs in the Midwest:

Accounting: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
Agriculture: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Architecture: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Arts: 7 LGBT-friendly schools
Biology: 7 LGBT-friendly schools
Business: 9 LGBT-friendly schools
Chemistry: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Computer: 10 LGBT-friendly schools
Construction: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Culinary: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Dental: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Economics: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Education: 11 LGBT-friendly schools
Engineering: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Environmental: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Fashion: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Finance: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
Geography: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Graphic Design: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
History: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Hospitality: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Interior Design: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Journalism: 6 LGBT-friendly schools
Foreign Languages: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Law: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Literature: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Management: 11 LGBT-friendly schools
Marketing: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Mathematics: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Mechanic: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Medical: 24 LGBT-friendly schools
Music: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Nursing: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Occupational Therapy: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Performing Arts: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Pharmacy: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Philosophy: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Physics: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Politics: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Psychology: 9 LGBT-friendly schools
Social Work: 7 LGBT-friendly schools
Sociology: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Theatre: 1 LGBT-friendly school

LGBTQ-friendly schools in other regions:

Northeast: 42 LGBT-friendly schools
South: 53 LGBT-friendly schools
West: 72 LGBT-friendly schools

Popular LGBTQ-friendly school cities in the Midwest:

in Illinois:
Chicago: 7 LGBT-friendly schools
Evanston: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Lombard: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Peoria: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Indiana:
Fort Wayne: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Merrillville: 1 LGBT-friendly school
South Bend: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Iowa:
Davenport: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Kansas:
Overland Park: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Michigan:
Bloomfield Hills: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Detroit: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Midland: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Owosso: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Minnesota:
Bloomington: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Minnetonka: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Roseville: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Missouri:
Kansas City: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Saint Louis: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
in Nebraska:
Lincoln: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Ohio:
Cincinnati: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Cleveland: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Yellow Springs: 1 LGBT-friendly school
in Wisconsin:
Elkhorn: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Milwaukee: 1 LGBT-friendly school
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