Gay-Friendly Schools in California - 2018 Ranking

California Gay-Friendly Schools36 California gay-friendly colleges offer certificates, associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in accounting, arts, and film and 35 other majors.

The best gay-friendly programs in California are offered by San Francisco Conservatory of Music. This gay-friendly college offers an excellent quality programs evaluated with five-star rating for curriculum and four-star rating for teaching.

See top gay-friendly colleges in California ranking below or narrow your search by program, desired diploma, or city in California.

Gay-Friendly schools in California:

San Francisco Conservatory of Music - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
1. San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Located in San Francisco, 25 majors

Samuel Merritt University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
2. Samuel Merritt University

Located in Oakland, 8 majors

Southwestern Law School - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
3. Southwestern Law School

Located in Los Angeles, 2 majors

John F. Kennedy University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
4. John F. Kennedy University

Located in Pleasant Hill, 15 majors

Otis College of Art and Design - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
5. Otis College of Art and Design

Located in Los Angeles, 9 majors

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Western State College of Law at Argosy University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
7. Western State College of Law

Located in Fullerton, 1 major

Art Center College of Design - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
8. Art Center College of Design

Located in Pasadena, 16 majors

Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Coleman University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
10. Coleman University

Located in San Diego, 19 majors

Pacific Oaks College - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
11. Pacific Oaks College

Located in Pasadena, 6 majors

Argosy University San Francisco Bay Area - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Keck Graduate Institute - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
13. Keck Graduate Institute

Located in Claremont, 4 majors

Pacific States University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
14. Pacific States University

Located in Los Angeles, 6 majors

American Conservatory Theater - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
15. American Conservatory Theater

Located in San Francisco, 3 majors

Pacifica Graduate Institute - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
16. Pacifica Graduate Institute

Located in Carpinteria, 4 majors

Phillips Graduate University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
17. Phillips Graduate University

Located in Chatsworth, 9 majors

Marshall B Ketchum University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
18. Marshall B Ketchum University

Located in Fullerton, 2 majors

Antioch University Los Angeles - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
19. Antioch University Los Angeles

Located in Culver City, 7 majors

Newschool of Architecture and Design - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
20. Newschool of Architecture and Design

Located in San Diego, 8 majors

United States University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
21. United States University

Located in Chula Vista, 14 majors

Argosy University Orange County - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
22. Argosy University Orange County

Located in Orange, 33 majors

Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Woodbury University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
24. Woodbury University

Located in Burbank, 19 majors

Antioch University Santa Barbara - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
25. Antioch University Santa Barbara

Located in Santa Barbara, 6 majors

Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Touro University California - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
27. Touro University California

Located in Vallejo, 12 majors

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Westminster Theological Seminary in California - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
New York Film Academy - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
30. New York Film Academy

Located in Burbank, 14 majors

University of The West - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
31. University of the West

Located in Rosemead, 8 majors

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College Berkeley - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
Bethesda University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
33. Bethesda University

Located in Anaheim, 8 majors

Presidio Graduate School - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
34. Presidio Graduate School

Located in San Francisco, 2 majors

World Mission University - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
35. World Mission University

Located in Los Angeles, 4 majors

Bergin University of Canine Studies - Gay-Friendly School Ranking
36. Bergin University of Canine Studies

Located in Rohnert Park, 3 majors

California gay-friendly schools by program:

Accounting: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Agriculture: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Architecture: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Arts: 10 LGBT-friendly schools
Biology: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Business: 11 LGBT-friendly schools
Computer: 10 LGBT-friendly schools
Construction: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Education: 11 LGBT-friendly schools
Engineering: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Environmental: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Fashion: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Film: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Finance: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Graphic Design: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
History: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Interior Design: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Journalism: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Foreign Languages: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Law: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Literature: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Management: 10 LGBT-friendly schools
Marketing: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Mathematics: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Mechanic: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Medical: 15 LGBT-friendly schools
Music: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Nursing: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Occupational Therapy: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Performing Arts: 6 LGBT-friendly schools
Pharmacy: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Philosophy: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Police: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Politics: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Psychology: 10 LGBT-friendly schools
Social Work: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Sport: 3 LGBT-friendly schools
Theatre: 4 LGBT-friendly schools

California gay-friendly schools by diploma:

Certificates: 22 LGBT-friendly schools
Associate's Degrees: 6 LGBT-friendly schools
Bachelor's Degrees: 19 LGBT-friendly schools
Master's Degrees: 35 LGBT-friendly schools
Doctoral Degrees: 15 LGBT-friendly schools

California gay-friendly schools by city:

Alameda: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Anaheim: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Berkeley: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Blue Lake: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Burbank: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Carpinteria: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Chatsworth: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Chula Vista: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Claremont: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Culver City: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Escondido: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Fullerton: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Los Angeles: 5 LGBT-friendly schools
Monterey: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Oakland: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Orange: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Pasadena: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
Pleasant Hill: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Rohnert Park: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Rosemead: 1 LGBT-friendly school
San Diego: 2 LGBT-friendly schools
San Francisco: 4 LGBT-friendly schools
Santa Barbara: 1 LGBT-friendly school
Santa Monica: 1 LGBT-friendly school
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